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CostRight Energy, we’re like your personal energy matchmakers, swiping left ← on high bills and right ➝on sweet savings! Whether you’re a thriving business or residential, sitting at home, we’ve got the skills to find you the perfect energy partner. At CostRight Energy we’ll navigate through all the confusing electricity rates and energy plans, so you can focus on things that matter and not worry about high bills. Leave the supplier research to us – we’ll find you the perfect match for your energy needs, saving you money and hassle along the way!

What We Do

Stop you from Wasting Money! CostRight Energy Analyzes Your Bill for Free – Start Saving Today!


Provide CostRight Energy with a copy of your electric bill.


CostRight Energy will dig deep into your bill, leveraging tech to quickly negotiate top rates for you with leading energy providers.


A CostRight Energy expert will advise you on a plan that best fits the needs of your organization or home while minimizing your overall energy spend.


Reduce your energy costs and enjoy the perks of having your own account manager with CostRight Energy!

Energy Services

Looking to slash your utility bills? Our energy consulting firm specializes in pinpointing energy waste and implementing costsaving solutions for businesses and residences alike. CostRight Energy will negotiate with our electrical provider to secure lower rates and reduce high load usage, putting more money back in your pocket!

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